Energy Modeling / Building Simulation
Building Energy Modeling (BEM) is the process of a building
being built from its component parts on a computer and then a
Simulation is performed by taking that building through the
weather conditions of an entire year.

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Building Design: Many modern residential and commercial building codes
require minimum energy performance. Energy modeling can be used to
demonstrate compliance, or predict energy consumption of proposed

Life-cycle cost analysis: Comparing different building design
alternatives to determine which is the least cost, including capital costs and
(at a minimum) energy costs. Sometimes referred to as Total Cost of
Ownership analysis.

 Load Design:  Used to determine heating and air conditioning loads, air
flow requirements, equipment capacities, supply temperatures, hydronic
plant capacities.

  Energy-Analysis / Energy-Modeling:  Used to predict monthly energy
consumption/cost, annual CO2 emissions.

Energy Retrofit Analysis:  Energy modeling when used in conjunction
with an energy audit, can be used to predict savings between alternative
energy cost saving measures.
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