Training/ Education
         Training / Education

    RECENT ACTIONS IN BUILDING ENERGY CODE  CONSTRUCTION:       requires each new home and
    major remodeling projects are to be tested by a certified independent 3rd party.

    The performance path for compliance to the energy code requires a HERS rating.
    The Sensible Accounting to Value Energy Act was incorporated into S.2012 The Energy Policy
    Modernization Act of 2015 and was passed by the Senate April 20, 2016 and sent to House for
    reconciliation.  This act requires that all FHA mortgages include a HERS rating.

    The Appraisal Institute and RESNET have signed agreements to promote education, research and data
    standards.  This is in anticipation of passage of         S.2012.  

It’s important to realize that recent actions listed here have created a requirement
for energy and building professionals to acquire a vast amount of knowledge.  

We have experienced college instructors that are trained and  experienced in not
only Building Science and energy code requirements but also field experienced in
construction, design and project management.


  • Basic Building Science Principles
  • Dew Point and Water Transport Mechanisms
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • High Performance Wall Assemblies
  • High Performance Mechanicals and Ventilation
  • Fenestration's, NFRC U-value vs Installed U-value
  • Building Energy Modeling and Simulation
  • Performance Testing
  • Combustion Safety

HERS Rater:  An individual who is certified by an accredited
HERS Provider to inspect and test a home in order to evaluate each
of the minimum rated features established by RESNET and prepare a
comprehensive HERS rating according to Chapters One and Three
of the RESNET Mortgage Industry National Home Energy Rating.

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